Our Story

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys but baking anything these days for me is all about convenience! Life never seems to slow down and it’s hard to keep those carbs under control while doing life on the run! If you’re feeling the same and following a low carb/Keto lifestyle it can be challenging!

That’s why at Get Ya Yum On we’re here to help you! Our low carb bread in a mug range not only tastes delicious but is super simple and easy to make! Great for breakfast on the run, mid afternoon snacking or for me it’s satisfying those late night sweet cravings when you feel like cake but know you shouldn’t!

With Get Ya Yum On bread in a mug you can make it as simple or as tarted up as you like without feeling guilty! Scrumptious on it’s own or smothered with lashings of low carb toppings transformed into a slice of cake – either way you win!

You are a part of our Story!

At GYYO part of the story behind our brand is that Healthy living should be for ALL humanity so when you buy our products you partner with us to help give back, a portion of our profits go towards supporting charities that are standing up against injustice by being a voice for the voiceless for exploited and underprivileged children in parts of the world where they need it most because KIDS MATTER and for that we thank YOU abundantly.

At GYYO we are forever evolving so watch this space for more delicious Keto goodies in a mug coming soon!

Love Jo x

 Our Charities!

Samoa Alofa Trust

Samoa Alofa Trust initiated and run by Jeremy and Shelley Gibb-Faumuina  is specifically about bringing awareness to the underprivileged children in Samoa.  Under “Samoa Alofa”, an initiative based out of NZ, Jeremy and Shelley work alongside The House of Hope Shelter in Samoa. Their vision is to impact and help change the lives of the future generation through support, love and being a constant voice for the voiceless.

Get Ya Yum On are a big supporter of this initiative and all funds donated go directly toward supporting this trust for the ongoing amazing work they do.

Please refer to their website for more info: https://samoaalofatrust.wixsite.com/samoaalofa


Jeremy and Shelley


Meninadança is a Brazilian not-for-profit organisation that works with at-risk girls in communities along the BR-116 highway in Brazil. The 4,500 km-long road, which cuts through some of the country's poorest regions, has been dubbed the ‘exploitation highway’ because of the high numbers of children forced into prostitution along it. Meninadança reaches out to young victims of abuse and sexual exploitation through its Pink Houses, safe places in towns along the highway where all-female teams use dance and other creative activities to create connections, raise their self-esteem and empower them to live lives of dignity and purpose. With Pink Houses in four towns along the worst-affected stretch of the motorway, alongside work to bring abusers to justice and encourage local communities to see girls differently, Meninadança is bringing hope to hundreds of girls who would otherwise have no one to reach out a hand and show them a way out. 

Get Ya Yum On support this amazing charity and all funds donated go directly toward helping the girls and the team at Meninadanca

Please refer to their website for more info: